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Signs You Should Not Get Back With Your Ex

Being in a relationship is one of the most beautiful things you can experience. When you are romantically involved with someone, you find ways to be with each other. You love to share everything with your partner. You think about that person every single second and want to be with him/her. Your expectations from that person increase as your relationship crosses a certain period. While all these things are common among all the couples, but there are times when your relationship hits a rough patch. This too is very common among the couples. It’s the testing period of a relationship when it goes through various highs and lows.

In such conditions, either the relationship survives, or it ends. If it survives, your love will grow deeper than before. But if it ends, you will be left heart-broken. Sometimes, it’s better to leave certain relationships behind and move on rather than sticking to it. If you were meant to be together, you would never have separated. Sometimes you find it difficult while getting separated from your partner. But sometimes the situation makes it easy for you to walk away from your relationship.

In such conditions, either the relationship survives, or it ends

There might be many who after separating from their partners would try to reconcile after a while. In such cases, things might work out for both the boy and the girl. But sometimes, this idea of reconciliation can prove to be the biggest mistake of your life.

I’ve personally witnessed a lot of my friends who have deeply regretted after getting back to their exes. Well, everyone has a different reason for the same depending on what terms they had got separated.
So I, too, feel that to get back with your ex is never a good idea. So, here are various reasons why you should never get back with your ex. Let’s dig in.

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1. You have a valid reason to let go of your partner

You fell in love with someone and started dating. Everything was going well, until one fine day, things went hunky-dory. Even after giving it several chances, things didn’t work out, and you called it quits. This might be heart-breaking, but you just need to accept that you both are not meant for each other. There was a reason you separated. So once you let go of your partner, let them go forever. This is one of the major reasons why you shouldn’t get back with your ex.

2. Both you and your partner are still carrying the burden of your relationship

Another major sign that you shouldn’t get back with your ex. The mental and emotional trauma that you and your partner go through when you break up takes time to heal. Well, sometimes you move on quickly, while sometimes you don’t. But if you are thinking to get back with your ex, your baggage of burden seems to start gaining weight that too rapidly.

You get Déjà Vu. You get the flashback of all the memories, especially the bad ones, things that annoy you about your partner, and all the things you both had done to hurt each other. And you may not think about all this at once, but these thoughts will bother you from time to time. You will start fighting about the same things again, and then things will end up in the same way just like before. In the end, you will regret of thinking to get back with your ex big time.

3. Your trust has been broken

When you love someone, you tend to trust that person blindly in everything. You are very sure that your partner won’t ever break your trust and also live up to your expectations. But when you realize that your partner has broken your trust. It leaves you completely shattered. It’s hard for you to accept that the one person you loved and trusted so much had hurt you so badly. This thing will bother you for the rest of your life. So, even if you are thinking of getting back together, this will keep bothering you every single time. Well, if you have gone through severe trust issues in your relationship, it is not a good idea to get back with your ex.

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4. Your sex life wasn’t that good

In every relationship, physical intimacy also plays a major role in bringing two persons closer to each other. Sex is not just about having fun or fulfilling the want to get pleasure, it’s also about love. You feel secure, and you share this feeling with that one and only special person in your life. However, many relationships have seen a dead-end once their sex life suffers. So if you have separated from your partner for this very reason, it’s never a good idea to get back with your ex.

5. There are many others out there and they are not the only one

After you call it quits with your partner, it takes a while to move on. You know the reason why you had to take this step so being strong enough to accept it is the only thing which will help you. It will take a while for you to forget your partner. But once you stop thinking about him/her, you will see there are many others in this world. Once you think like this, it will be easy for you to move on. And once you realize that you will find someone else in your life to be with, you will forget your past soon. This is one of the signs that you shouldn’t get back with your ex.

6. You had a bad breakup and now need to learn to love yourself 

When you go through a breakup, you completely lose faith in love. The one loving person in you is no more alive, and you become stone-hearted. You become arrogant, stubborn or extremely weak in expressing your emotions. Once there was a time when your heart was only filled with love, but now there’s no love. You will have to learn to love all over again. This is how you will find a way to come out of your past and may find a new soul mate for the rest of your life. When you learn this, this is a great sign that you shouldn’t get back with your ex.

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7. You are happy when you are with people and not when your partner is with you

It’s less the impact an individual physically has on you that makes you happy, but instead, the perception you have of that person. This is necessary to differentiate because while you may feel your perception has changed of that particular person while you are away from each other when you get back together, every one of those negative thoughts you had will reemerge. Even though the person may have changed, your view of the person in question isn’t so impermanent.

In your mind, an individual isn’t simply made out of who the person is at the time, but instead, of the considerable number of things we recall about the person in question, alongside every one of the recollections and feelings that the individual helps us to remember. If you were not happy with somebody for a long period of time, the odds of switching that unhappiness are pretty much nothing.

8. You still think your partner will make you happy

If you have called it quits with your boyfriend/girlfriend, you go through a severe mental and emotional time. You have had a major heartbreak. But sometimes getting back with your ex can fix up things for you. This sounds cheesy, but you find your happiness by doing this. But this thing will only make you happy and not your partner. So instead of walking back to your ex, give some time to yourself. Gain some support from your family and friends. This won’t make you feel lonely and help you heal faster.

9. You feel that you blew off that one chance of being in love

No one wants to go through heartbreaks. When a relationship breaks, you go through a low phase in your life. You are emotionally broken, and nothing makes you happy. This can go on for a while until you gather yourself and decide to accept it and move on. Sometimes you will also regret about blowing your one chance at love. But you should stay strong and just keep moving. You’ll go through various ups and downs, but this phase will pass soon.

10. Your best friends still reveal their dislike towards your ex

This is one of the major signs that you shouldn’t get back with your ex. If you have a bunch of close friends, they will surely know everything about your relationship. While your friends too must have met your partner and observed certain things, they are likely to talk to you about it. Friends tend to observe more your partner than you too. Your friends might reveal some flaws in your relationship. Sometimes, your friends observe how your partner used to behave with you or how unhappy you were with him/her. If your friends tell us all this, it is important to consider these things and drop the idea of getting back with your ex.

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11. Your ex does not show the same interest in your life like before

When you get in touch with your ex personally, through phone or social media, he/she doesn’t take that kind of interest in your life like he/she did it before. They don’t ask a lot of genuine questions about how you are and how is your family doing or what you have been up to. They don’t show that much interest as they don’t care about you. What they care about is keeping you on the sidelines. This is a sign that you should not think about getting back with your ex.

You Should Not Get Back With Your Ex

There will be times in your life when your long-term relationship ends all of a sudden even before you realize it. This is the most challenging phase of your life. Because either it will make you stronger enough to deal with this harsh reality of your life or make you emotionally weak. But all you got to do is stay strong and deal with it. This type of approach will help you move on in your life and also bring positivity. It will help you find love again in your life and make you feel that an end of one relationship is not an end of everything.

It might take some time for you to move on and start a new life without your beloved, who is no more yours. But with the support of your family and friends and your dear ones, you can get pass-through this difficult phase soon.

There will be times when you feel lonely and think about getting back with your ex. You will try to do this just to make yourself happy. But you should think that your ex is not even thinking about it or maybe he/she has moved on. Knocking the doors of your past will only make you remember all the difficult times you went through and how badly it hurt you. Just stay strong and focus your attention on other things in your life. Spending time with your friends and family or focusing on your career will help you.

It may give you some moments of pain but a lifetime of happiness

The idea of getting back with your ex is not suitable for everyone and every situation. Sometimes distancing yourself from that person can bring happiness and peace in your life. It may give you some moments of pain but a lifetime of happiness.

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If you observe any of the above signs in your life, you should not get back with you ex. However, there are times when you are ready to give it another shot. But perhaps you are not sure, in which case, check out this blog to see if you are ready to get back with your ex.

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How to Survive a Breakup – Embracing the Solo Life

When Titanic was sinking, we all were hoping so badly that Jack and Rose would be surviving in the end with their children cooing and playing somewhere in the daisy fields. Screw the real story or the fiction. We did not want to see anything else. This is us when it comes to heartbreak and you need to figure out how to survive a breakup.

We so wish our lives to be lead like a movie with the most usual happy endings. We are a set of weak-minded creatures, carrying a whole chunk of sentiments loaded in our minds. But looking at the greener side, emotions make us passionate. They make our lives surreal. We bond with each other, create love story never heard of, share our heart and soul with our better half. After all, not to forget, we are human beings. We are meant to do this.

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Going Away from Your Soulmate

To be honest, it is an honour to meet your soulmate in one lifetime. That soulmate need not be perfect, but somebody who is just the right person for you. The chief recipe of a relationship is primarily ‘trust.’ Trust gives a-go-go to all sorts of constants such as friendship, love, and a future. But when this string is pulled off, the blackout is unbearable. The pain is the next level. It is like as if a flower has lost its fragrance or a clock has come to a still. You seem to have lost the essence of your life at once. Your future appears so very bleak. It is, nonetheless, a personal apocalypse for you.

You become so numb and hopeless. But even worse, you become desperate to go back to your ex and revive it all again. Asking your ex for what went wrong, beg for forgiveness and request to come back to square one. That is where you lose the remaining of your self-esteem. Now, that is not just unacceptable, but highly despicable.

How to Survive a Breakup

Let us discuss specific guiding tips on how to survive a breakup in rather constructive ways:

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Acceptance is key

Though the relationship had hit the rocks, you keep on struggling through its days and nights. Your life starts running in a single loop. You are stuck in your own gloomy space. You downgrade your worth, disappoint your family members who really care for you and hurt them in return. Now considering a pragmatic approach, you must know for once that the universe works in a collaborative way. It definitely wants the good for you.

Nature gives us signs in disguise. Our human eyes cannot see the curtailed message behind it. It can only be perceived by a sound mind. Whatever happens, happens for a good reason, always. It stands correct in this case as well. We need to stand still and wonder why your friends and family still stand with you in your difficult times and thank them relentlessly. Strengthen yourself, drop regrets and accept. You did no wrong. You only loved. So you deserve no more tears ahead.

Don’t blame yourself, think of your dear ones instead

People generally enter into an isolated zone where they can accuse and torture themselves. They believe whatever happened, it was because of them. Even unacceptable, people become homicidal. They think it to be the only way to get away this. Even thinking of suicide is a big no. This might be the worst nightmare for your dear ones. Just imagine the life-long pain you would inflict on them and for what, a person who did not even love you. There can’t be anything more absurd than this. This most stupid act of yours would shatter your family who has nourished you and survived a good bunch of tantrums.

The fault might be in your stars, but definitely not you. If you are so much broken within, then it shows how amazingly you loved that person. If two people are honestly and mutually in love, then they will not let any excuses to peep in between them. They will override any grim situation. They would stay by each other, holding hands till the very end. However, that is not the case when you are grieving on your separation all alone. That person never loved you. Process this thought. Love was blind because you were way too honest with your feelings.

Instead of becoming a submissive person, think what else went wrong earlier, which you didn’t notice before. Surely you would be able to put fragments in place. These things will make you even more vigilant, stable and mature as a person.

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Back to routine business

This one is the easiest part you can play. Don’t discuss your break up with your friends on a repetitive basis. Plan an outing with your friends or family at once to any place of your choice, preferably less crowded spots. Engage yourself into something productive. And do so quite aggressively. Focus. Pursue your hobbies even more. Spend considerable time with your parents. Listen to their stories and experiences. Give them hands in their routine affairs. Socialize with your well-wishers. Spend more time amidst nature. Avoid immersing yourself into drinking barrels and smoking habits.

Chugging down alcohol and smoking a ton of cigarettes would only worsen your condition. Keep distance from negative criticism at this moment. Hang out more often with the best people of your life because the kind you need is who holds your hand and uplifts your spirit to extract you from this depressing phase. Attend some group sessions where people generally share and hear each other. Listen to a few inspirational monologues. Watch movies and shows of your preferred genre. If you have been winning accolades in your job, try to get even more. If you are yet to prove your metal, now is the time. Do whatever makes you happy and free.

Buy time before getting into another relationship

You might have been separated from your ex, but the trauma might still be haunting you at times. You are not emotionally ready to start a new relationship so soon. Sometimes, a warm hug from somebody or quite affectionate words, in our frail times, do drift us an inch closer to that person. We don’t even realize that happening. Being the sentimental species we are, we get swayed easily. Now that is the time where one quickly get hold of you. Stay cautious. A freshly broken heart is easy prey. Better not to seek out a new relationship too early.

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Revenge mode is a waste

Rage follows wreckage. Your mind must be warmed up with outrageous things. You start planning for something as vicious as it can be. In return, you are in the process of disgracing yourself. You must disembark yourself from such heinous set of thoughts. Your thoughts call for the same kind of vibe from the universe. In order to make peace with your mind, reach out to all productive resources. Be it people, things or acts. Retribution takes you nowhere. Don’t scar yourself for some worthless fellow.

Stop sneaking into your ex’s social media accounts

Undoubtedly, it is very tempting to know the whereabouts of your ex. You want to know whatever is going on in their life. It is because you still feel connected to the person. You have to let go of this feeling first. Take a strict resolution and block your ex from all of your accounts. There is no time to look back now. It is over, for all good.

Be grateful

Be thankful to the universe who showed you the right way at the right time. The acts of God are unquestionable. You could have never known the consequences, had the two of you have not separated. Be grateful to those who, if anyone ever, had dropped warnings regarding your fateful relationship with the ex. Sometimes, our dearest people can see what our eyes can’t.

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Hopes must not die

Someone has indeed said that “Death of hopes is the death of life.” So, for your dear life, keep the hopes burning. Love does exist. It is just that bad comes easy. Goodness takes time. So, gather yourself and be open to all the opportunities life gives you. If you find somebody tickling your heart again, give your heart a second chance to love and live. No need to rush into anything, take your time. You might shudder at once but remember, at the end of the day, we all need someone to plant a kiss of love on our forehead, wishing us goodnight with sweetest dreams. So brace whatever is coming your way, with brains at work as well.

Meditate & rejuvenate

if you are feeling useless or meaningless, with no energy left to deal with the world, come closer to yourself. And there is no better way of doing this without meditation. Meditation is an art of living in resonance with your inner self. Amp up your confidence level. Develop a habit of meditating once or twice a day daily. If this routine been followed religiously, you are most probably on the way to build a rational and affable mind. More you meditate, more is the serenity and wisdom, you are welcoming in life.

Focus on shaping your career

Caring all about your romantic affair will never lead you anywhere. Work on developing a secure foundation of your life. A bright career prospect gives you strength in unimaginable ways. Your career not just enriches you but hundreds or thousands of them, benefitting from your service or product. The clock will continue ticking, and you would be scaling new heights, delivering even better and your income likewise. A job brings along a whole lot of admiration and respect. And if wise men are to be trusted, jobs are the best kind of useful distractions.

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Special considerations for the divorced or to-be-divorced couples

When you are going through a rough patch in your marriage, you give it significant time for things to normalize. But when repetitively failed, apparent thought would be separation. Though divorce counts to be the extreme most step in one’s life, it might be the best alternative for keeping up with the sanity & peace of mind and soul. But it needs a thorough reconsideration when you have kids in between. Depending on their mental age, it is tough to predict and assume their tolerance level.

In a society filled with narrow mindsets, you need to discuss your situation with them. Make them understand the importance the decision makes on your family culture. Take them into your confidence. Regarding their custody, leave the decisions to them if they are big enough to understand the consequences. Let them meet their parent whenever they wish too. Make sure that the couple has separated, not the parents. If one of the parents seems to be least interested in kids affairs, single parenting or second marriage would be the happier options. Build up more confidence and high spirit for your kiddo’s sake. Their future is partially in your hands. So instead of lamenting, remember the smile and affection of your kid.

Break-ups are never easy to deal with. It calls for tons of courage. But believe me, once you are done with it, you will treat the episode as the best lesson gained in life.

How do you survive your breakups? Write it down in the comment section below for your fellow readers!

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20 Healthy Ways to Get Over a Breakup

Breakups can be ugly and toxic and nervewracking. They can get inside your head and twist all your brain cells to a point where it would stop functioning altogether. So, in such a situation, it is extremely important for us to focus on getting through this phase without affecting your mental state. We should aim at coming out of this depressing state stronger and better than ever. And that is what we are going to do. Here are 20 healthy ways to get over a breakup!

1. Take a trip

After a breakup, the first thing that you should do is detox. Get rid of all the toxicity that you are surrounded by. And what better way to do that than retreating into nature? Take a few days off and go where you think you will feel better. Go into the wild or simply book a room at a resort and spend your time reading a book. But plan a getaway, even if it is just for the weekend. You will feel better instantly, I assure you. Also, vacation is the healthiest and the most promising way of getting over a breakup. So, hurry up and make your reservations.

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2. Formulate a diet plan

I don’t mean diet like you are Christian Bale preparing for the role of Trevor Reznik from The Machinist. And I also don’t mean that you turn into a beefy Dave Bautista. In fact, you don’t have to change at all. You have to do exactly the opposite of that. All you have to do is turn yourself into you. I mean the ‘healthy you.’

Take this time off to get in shape. Tone yourself. Engage in a light workout regime. Eat what you should be eating. Pay full attention to your physical self, something that you have ignored for such a long time.

3. Don’t rush into a rebound but…

Don’t shy away from exploring your options. This does not mean you would rush into a new relationship. Or be ready to jump anyone new you come across. But make sure you don’t shut yourself away from the outside world. Be open to possibilities. You might just meet the right one or maybe you won’t. However, you would not be missing out on anything or anyone. Go out. Meet new people. Socialise, too! Do everything that would help you take your mind off of things.

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4. Keep yourself hydrated

Weird way to get over a breakup, right? Not really. This is more of a gentle reminder than an actual way of getting over a breakup. But it does help you get through the tough phase without affecting your health.

All that crying for the one who does not even deserve your tears makes you lose a lot of water from your body. This can obviously lead to dehydration. And I don’t know about you, but when I am dehydrated, I just can’t stay out of that god awful washroom. It completely messes up with my system. So, don’t let it happen to you. Cry but don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated.

5. Stay away from too much alcohol

While we are at it, let’s just remind ourselves not to indulge in too much drinking. The reason? It is the opposite of healthy. I know alcohol can be a great way to escape for some time, but it is not the wisest of choices. Since it is possible that you may spend your time crying about what has just happened, giving your body alcohol at this time would just make things worse. Your body is already losing water. If you chug down alcohol in such a state, you will be dehydrating your body even more. And that will certainly cause you some physical disorders. So, it does not make sense because you are already emotionally traumatised and mentally vulnerable. Your physical health is the only asset that you can control and consciously protect. Therefore, make good choices!

6. Detach from all their social media handles

You would wonder what purpose deleting your ex from your social media would serve. But it helps not to see your stupid ex’s annoyingly goofy smiling face on your feed. Imagine; you are having an awesome day at work because you just won employee of the month. You open your Instagram to post about it and your feed refreshes and there it is. That face you dread. Wouldn’t that just instantly kill your cheerful mood? That is exactly why you need to unfollow, unsubscribe and unfriend your ex from all your social media.

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7. Keep yourself away from their things

This means you need to get rid of all their belongings. Remember that sweatshirt you loved so much that you felt the need to steal it from him so you can sleep in it every winter night? Time to bid adieu to that, too, babe!

The simple reason to do this is that surrounding yourself with all their stuff would only make it difficult for you to forget about them. Every time you would see their toothbrush or keychain or even their favourite book, you would melt into a depressing puddle. And we all know how difficult it is to clean up a puddle. We don’t want to let that happen. Ever!

8. Understand their perspective but don’t blame yourself

Do you know what is more toxic than surrounding yourself with your ex’s stuff? Blaming them for everything. Well, unless your ex cheated on you or did something crazier than that, it can’t be all their fault. There are two sides to a coin. I don’t mean you should spend a considerable amount of your time justifying the breakup. However, instead of completely disregarding both sides of the story and simply blaming your ex for everything is really unhealthy. Understand why they did what they did. But don’t blame yourself for not being who they wanted you to be. Understand, weigh and let it go.

9. Make your contributions

One of the best things to do to get over an ugly breakup is to give back to those who need you. In this time of sadness and disappointment, you can understand other’s pain really well. So, why not use it to do good?

Volunteer at an animal shelter if you love animals. Hundreds of animal babies are abandoned and ill-treated by humans every day. All they need is a loving touch and a little care. Give them that. Spend your time making someone else’s day. This would not be a selfless good deed. You would not only be gaining some peace of mind but also be channelling your sadness toward doing something good.

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10. Take care of your mind

We have discussed a lot about taking care of your body but what about your mind? It is the most important part of your body right now. It is what keeps you stable. So, naturally, it is important to take care of that, too. Yes, you guessed it right! I am talking about meditation. Don’t worry about having to leave your house or anything. You have YouTube. Play relaxing audio and connect to your inner self.

11. Decide whether you want to be friends or not

I am in contact with all my exes because we still have mutual respect for each other. But that does not have to be the case for everyone. You don’t have to decide immediately. Take your time. But remember that this decision will help you know where you stand after you have broken up. This is an important step in getting over a breakup. For instance, if you feel you really never wish to see your ex’s face ever again, then you don’t have to waste your time crying over them. Similarly, you should not be crying even if you feel they are not completely demonic. Simply because you should cherish and be thankful for all the good times that they have given you. In any case, your main focus should be to invest your time and feelings only in positive things.

12. Rearrange your furniture

The same old decor is bound to remind you of your time together. Why sulk in a corner in your own house? Your house should be the least depressing thing about your life right now. You should only feel positive at home. And that is why you need to rearrange your furniture. I say rearrange because redecorating is absolutely unrealistic. You are going through a breakup and not winning a lottery. Thus, unless you have secret treasure stacked in your vault, rearranging your furniture is the only free and effective way of getting over your breakup.

13. Avoid foul-mouthing about your ex amongst friends

Another unhealthy habit that would make getting over your ex and your breakup really difficult and slow for you is talking bad about them behind their back. I know what the movies teach you. And who could forget about the infamous Valentine’s Day ritual from Friends? As satisfying as it sounds, it is not practical. You can bitch about your ex as much as you want, but it won’t help you. Be classy. Rather than talking bad about your ex, take the high road. Recall the better days and let everything else go. It would not only help you grow but also make you feel good about yourself for being the bigger person.

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14. It is okay to get lost in your phone

There is nothing wrong in being neck deep in your Facebook feed, stalking people or even going on a recipe-watching spree. It is fun. It passes your time and does not let the depressing thoughts enter your mind. Use this time to learn some new craft if you want to. Browse on Pinterest to get ideas for Christmas decorations this year. Get creative with your time on the phone. The sky is the limit, my friend.

15. But don’t lose your consciousness

While you are engrossed in your phone, don’t forget to be aware. Weird sentence, right? But very necessary. Engaging in your phone for a long time does not mean that you have to tune out the entire world. That is seriously unhealthy. Even on regular days.

In conclusion, don’t depend on your phone to take your pain away. It can only help you for a little while. It is you who needs to make the changes.

16. Chocolate does help

I have said it before, and I will repeat it that Remus Lupin is absolutely right about chocolate. It really does help. But I also know that this is the time when you don’t want to gain more weight either. So, how do you eat chocolate AND ensure no weight gain?

Dark Chocolate!

Opt for dark chocolates during this tough time. They are delicious. Also, they contain less sweet so, you can eat as much as you like. But there is a small catch here. Only the dark chocolate that contains 70% or more cocoa is healthy. So, if you are not a fan of bittersweet chocolates, consider skipping this point already. But how would dark chocolate help you get over a breakup and not make you gain weight?

Well, dark chocolates are appetising. They cut down on your cravings. Having chocolates would ensure that you are having a healthy comfort snack. Also, it decreases body fat as it does not contain high amounts of milk solids or sugar. So, it is a win-win for everyone.

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17. Start watching a new TV show

The best way to get over a breakup is to get yourself busy doing something that would not let your mind wander off. And I believe starting to watch a new TV series is the perfect way to take your mind off of things. If you have not already done it while living in 2018, get yourself a subscription to one of the online streaming websites. Watch a show that you have been willing to watch for some time or have been hearing about. Choose any genre but romantic. We don’t want you falling into that pit of sadness anymore. Instead, a nice crime or fantasy-based TV series would keep you glued to your seat, teleport you into a different world and help you not think about your breakup or your ex.

18. Remind yourself that the world has not ended

One of the most important things to remember after you have had an ugly breakup is this.

We all know how breakups can be. They can be as bad as having a knife stabbed in your weakest nerve. And although you might feel like your life has shattered, the world has not changed. I’m sorry to burst your bubble, honey. But the world outside isn’t black and white. It is still colourful. So, if you are feeling grey after what you have been through, why not draw some colours from the world and light up your life again?

19. DON’T post sad, grieving posts on your Instagram stories

I know you have been through a lot. And if you are like me, you would even be blaming yourself for giving someone the right to break your heart. But you have to be strong. Keep all this to yourself. You can always turn to your friends for support and help but avoid expressing on social media. Truthfully, your sad posts about breakup would only be a subject for gossips for the viewers. They would rarely take the effort to look beyond your posts. Thus, if you don’t want your feelings to be made fun of behind your back or be misunderstood by anyone, stay away from those Instagram stories, sweetheart!

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20. Get a new haircut

Nothing says “I am over you” as well as a new look does. And the easiest way to get a new look is by getting a brand new haircut. Getting a haircut allows you to release endorphins (your feel-good hormones), which makes you feel better and happy about yourself. And when you feel good about yourself, you can forget about the things that upset you sooner. Therefore, cutting your hair is the fastest and healthiest way of getting over a breakup.

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